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Financial Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

Help Assistance Programs for Single Mothers in Tennessee

Financial help for Single mothers in Tennessee is available. Assistance programs including the numerous state programs for child care, grants, and scholarships. While on the one hand, the mothers have to provide for themselves, they have to take care of their children as well. The Human Services Department of Tennessee provides several programs for single mothers. These can be applied for at the county office. These programs are as follows:

Families First Program

Providing assistance by way of cash, the Families First Program offers help to families that are facing financial difficulties. With the cash benefit, you can go for career training or take up work programs to ensure a better future for their children. Participants have to see a certain Responsibility Plan under which they must send children to school; follow the immunization routine of the child and cooperate with the Children Support Services. Finding online help for single mothers in Tennessee is getting more popular.

Healthcare help for single mothers in Tennessee

Help for single mothers in Tennessee who do not have access to health coverage by way of employment can take the Healthcare Assistance program. The TENNder CARE program is available for young adults, teens and children as an additional coverage option. Help for single mothers in Tennessee who are unable to get the regular health coverage due to their financial status have the TennCare as a Medicaid program without any compromise on the quality of healthcare received.


Child-care for moms is provided through various programs. To be eligible to receive the assistance from the state, the child care professionals must be in with the state certificate payment program. Young mothers who are in middle or high school can take the assistance under the Teenager Child Care program but need to complete their studies remaining in school.

Housing & Rent

Those who are unable to find a proper dwelling can seek the Housing/Rent program. The program helps families find such suitable homes for themselves, whose landlords have agreed to let out their properties under the program. The properties that can be rented in this manner must meet specifications for safety so as to be eligible for the program. The eligibility criterion is set to ensure the safety of the inmates. Help for single mothers in Tennessee is available through state and local agencies..

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